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Friday May 19th:
1. Get your computers and take the following Survey, should take 10-15 minutes.
Student Survey 

2.  Ask the Sub to hand out the Scantrons and the test packets for this test.  Use the following link to access the Powerpoint so that you can see a colored version of the maps (use the zoom + and - in order to see the words on the map more clearly.)
Maps, Graphs, & Charts Post Test 

3.  Once everyone is done with the Survey and the Maps, Graphs, and Charts test, get together with your Review groups and talk about your Books, Culture Projects, and Foreign Films.  You can use the following link to take notes in order to get extra credit.
4th Term Cultural Share 

4.  If the Sub has not already done so, ask them to hand out Study Map for the Cultural Region's test that you are going to take next class period.

Monday May 22nd:
1. Take your "Match a Country with the correct Region" Test
2. Watch: Oil Money: Desert into City (you can take notes on this for extra credit.

Multi Media Resources
2nd Period Multi Media 
6th Period Multi Media 
8th Period Multi Media
7th Period Multi Media

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