Chapter 4 Culture

Ch. 4 Unit Plan

Ch. 4 Note Taking Guide

South Asia Map Test: Go to the link, take the test until you can get a 100%, take a screen shot of your final results, print out the screen shot, turn it in the day of the Ch. 4 Test.

South Asia Tourism Video: Watch this short video, write a 1/2 page summary describing the Physical Geography of South Asia and rank the countries of South Asia in the order that you would like to visit, with #1 being the country you would want to go to first.

Folk vs. Pop Culture Project: Click on the link and follow the instructions, you will have time on days 2, 3, & 4 to work on this project during class.  You will share (if you share it, make sure that you have made it so I can view it.) or email me this project at no later than the day of the Ch. 4 test.  Please title the project and your email "Period __, First Name, Last Name, Region, Country".  This project incorporates concepts from each section of your reading, please reference the specified Key Issue before attempting to answer any of the questions.

Ch 4 Culture Power Point

Videos for your Viewing Pleasure
History of Soccer
FIFA World Cup Best Moments
Traditional American Folk Song
Pop/Rock Band of the Year
The Social Media Revolution 2016
Social & Digital Media Statistics 2016

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