Chapter 5 Language

Ch. 5 Language Unit Plan

Ch. 5 Outline Note Taking Guide

East & Southeast Asia Map Test: Click on the map, take the test as many times as you need until you get a 100%, take a screen shot, print out the screen shot, turn it in the day of the Ch. 5 test.

East Asia Overview Video: Watch this video and answer the following questions for each of the 6 countries.  1) Tell me what you found most interesting about each country.  2) Tell me what you think would be most difficult for you if you had to live in each of these countries.

Ch. 5 Classroom Powerpoint

Confucianism and Korean Assignment
Confucianism and Korean Powerpoint
Mulan Extra Credit Assignment

Key Issue 1&2 Discussion Activity 
-Each row will be going through the Ch. 5 PowerPoint together, the eldest sibling is in charge of leading the conversation or delegating that responsibility to a younger sibling.  You will have 15-20 Minutes to accomplish this task.
-They need to focus on the following Learning Targets
KI 1:
-Explain the Tree analogy to your group, be sure to discuss the difference between the Roots, Trunk, Large Branches, Smaller Branches that extend from a large branch & Leaves.
-Explain how those parts of the tree match up with Language Families, Language Branches, Language Groups, and Individual Languages.
-What are the two largest Language Families in the World?  Why do you think they developed into the largest?
KI 2:
-Go through the maps that show the distribution of languages branches around the world and see how many languages (the actual name of the branches, groups and individual languages) match up with the name of the countries that they are used in.
-Where did the English language come from, discuss each of the contributing groups of people and how they came in contact with the British Isles (for example, what it through migration, war, etc.)
-How has English spread around the world?  Explain all the different forms of migration & diffusion.
-Discuss the two main theories about how the Indo-European language family initially spread around the world.

Key Issue 3: Dialects
Appalachian English Video
67 English Dialects
30 British Dialects Audio
American English is Changing Fast
American Dialects
Tour of American Dialects

Instructions: Create a Google Slides presentation with images and text that presents the following information.  Share your presentation with me no later than the day of the test by cutting and pasting your “link” on to your period’s Google Form on the blog.

1. Find maps of East Asia 
            -Political: Names of Countries & Capitals
            -Physical (Topographical)
            -Population Density

2. Climate & Vegetation: Find a map to illustrate and then explain the relationship between the climate and the vegetation of East Asia.

3. Pick one country from East Asia and research the following (CIA World Factbook might be a useful resource), look up and record the same information for the United States so you have information to compare it to.


What Demographic transition stage are they in? Why, explain your answer.

What is the size of their dependent population?

Cut and paste an image of their Population pyramid.  Is there anything unique about it?

            Religion (Top 2-3 religions per country):

Ethnicities (Top 2-3 ethnicities per country):

Language (Top 2-3 languages per country):

Economic Activity: What percentage of the people make a living from the following?
            #1 Export:
            #1 Import:
            #1 Trading Partner:

4. Cultural Hearths & Cultural Diffusion
Which country in the region is the main cultural hearth for the region?

Which country near the region is a major cultural hearth that may influence the region?

Was any part of the region colonized by an outside power within the last 500 years?  If so, who were they colonized by?

5.  Pick one country from the East Asia and find a tourist video on Youtube that is around 5 minutes or less.  Embed the video or attach the link.

6.  Find one current conflict or issue that is affecting or has affected East Asia or a country in East Asia.  Tell me the who, what, when, why, and how of the conflict or issue.  Pictures would be good too!

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