Extra Credit Opportunities

General Guidelines on Extra Credit: while I strongly encourage you to do as many extra credit assignments as you would like, remember that you can only raise your grade 5% (or a half grade step).  Most of the extra credit assignments here will not be added to your final grade until the end of the term.  You can turn these in at the end of each term or on any test day, place them in the "Late Work, Test Corrections, & Extra Credit" Pile.

Foreign Films and Approved Movies: You can watched approved movies for extra credit, Foreign Films or any of the films you find listed on this page.  After watching the film, you will write up a one page paper on how that film illustrated principles of Geography or how it depicted life in a foreign country.  Each film and corresponding write up will be worth 1% point toward your final grade.

Books: You can choose to read any of the books listed on the approved list of books (see the list of Term Project Books) and write up a two page book review (it does not need to be as detailed as the book review you will have to write for your term projects) on how the book illustrated principles of Geography or how it depicted life in a foreign country.  Each book and corresponding book review will be worth 2% points toward your final grade.

Other assignments: Below you will find a list of movies you can watch (see the instructions above) and several assignments or projects that I used to assign to my Honors Geography classes.  Most of the projects/assignments will be worth 10 points (not to be confused with 10% points) unless otherwise labeled.  These are organized by regions of the world.

Europe & Russia
Standard of Living: East vs. West Comparison Chart:  Follow the instructions on the spreadsheet. Answer the following questions on the bottom of your spreadsheet:
1. Rank the countries from highest to lowest standard of living.
2. Which single statistic do you think has the largest impact on a countries standard of living?
3. Based of the statistics in the west and in the east, would you personally rather live in the west of in the east?

Films and Documentaries
Happy People: A Year in the Taiga (On Netflix)
Stalin: Most Evil Men in History (On Youtube)
Stalin: Full Length Movie.
To Live: This is a Chinese film you can use as a foreign film as well.  It depicts the communist revolution in China.
The Cold War: A video introduction to the Cold War.  (On Youtube)

Virtual Asia Assignments
-Here is the link for the web page: http://edtech2.boisestate.edu/jeremystevenson/502/Virtual_Tour/start.html
-Download the assignment and answer the questions.
-Watch the videos or check out the picture gallery for each country and based off what you see, tell which country you would most like to visit and why.
-10 points for each of the countries you complete

Links for Videos about North Korea: Watch and write a one page paper on life in North Korea

Summary of the book, "Escape from Camp 14"

BBC Video on Life in North Korea

Inside North Korea (Available on Netflix and Amazon

Also Available on Netflix or Amazon:
1. The Juche Idea
2. Crossing the Line
3. KimJongilia
4. The Unauthorized Biography of Kim Jong Un

South Asian Research Topics (Extra Credit)

Instructions:  Pick any of the following topics and write up a one page report (typed, double spaced, 12 pt font, using your own words, with citations) explaining what it is and how the religion, event, person, or concept influenced the culture or history of South Asia.  You can write as many as you would like, each one will be worth 5 points.

I.  Hinduism
II. Jainism
III. Sikhism
IV. British Colonization of South Asia and the Partitioning of South Asia
V. Gandhi
VI. Green Revolution
VII. Kashmir
VIII. Nuclear India & Pakistan
IX. Population Problems in South Asia
X. The Caste System Today
XI. American Companies Outsourcing or Off shoring to South Asia

The Middle East
Film: Paradise Now
Film: The Kite Runner
Netflix: Inside Mecca

Latin America
Physical Features, Natural Disasters Assignment

Articles for Natural Disasters/Plate Boundaries Assignment

Sub Saharan Africa
Film: Hotel Rwanda (PG-13)
Film: The Power of One (PG-13)
Film: Gandhi (PG)
Film: Invictus (PG-13)
Film: Cry Freedom (PG)

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