Chapter 6 Religion

Ch. 6 Language Unit Plan

Day 1 Reading Assignment: "10 Things You Should Know About the Middle East": You can take notes or print the article out, highlight it and annotate it.  We will have a quiz on this article on Day 1 of this Unit!

Ch. 6 Religion Note Taking Guide
Blank Middle East, North Africa, & Central Asia Maps
List of Countries, Capitals, & Physical Features : Print out the maps above and label all the countries, capitals and Physical Features on this list, your Maps need to be completed by Day 2.
ME Two Sides to Every Story Assignment (Israeli & Palestinian Perspectives)
War on Terror (The American Perspective)
Peace Proposal, Joint Peace Agreement, People's Response

Additional Materials
Middle East Religions and Ethnicities Note Guide
Arab Israeli Conflict Timeline
Note Guide for Two Sides to Every Story
Link to this Unit's main project:  If you miss class on any of the days, this link might help you get caught up.
Why are we fighting a war in Afghanistan and Why did we fight a war in Iraq? Reading
Crash Course: Islam
Judaism 101
Crash Course: Israel and Palestine

Power Points
Islam & Judaism
Two Sides of the Story: Israeli & Palestinian Perspectives
The War on Terror

Extra Credit
Film: Paradise Now
Film: The Kite Runner
Netflix: Inside Mecca
Explore another World Religion: Create a power point on any of the World's major religions and answer the same questions we answered for Islam & Judaism, include as many pictures as you can, as well as links to short videos (5-15 Minutes) that help explain the religion.


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