Chapter 9 Development

Ch 9 Unit Plan Development

Maps for this Unit
Click on the following Link (Sheppard Software Africa Maps) complete the activity, take a screen shot of your results and turn them in on the day of the Ch. 9 Test.  You must score an 70% or higher.

Videos about Subsaharan Africa
Find a Youtube Video about Sub Saharan Africa, it must be at least 10 minutes long and focus on Africa as a whole, not just one country in Africa.  It can be a tourism video, a National Geographic Video, or a documentary.  Do a half page write up of what you learned about the Physical and Cultural Geography of Sub Saharan Africa.  This will be due on the day of the Ch. 9 Test.

Power Points:
Chapter 9 PowerPoint
KI4 Slides

Ch. 9 Note Taking Guide Outline
Standard of Living Comparison Chart
UNICEF Gender Inequality
Global Distribution of Resources Assignment
Global Distribution of Resources MAP

Extra Credit:
Gender Equality Action Project (bottom of Gender Inequality assignment)

Additional Videos:
Crash Course: Energy

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