Chapter 3 Migration

Ch. 3 Unit Plan Migration

Southeast Asia Map Test: Click on the link, practice until you can score a 100%.  When you are done, take a screen shot of your final results, print it out, write your name and period on it, turn it in the day of the Ch. 3 test.

Southeast Asia Video #1, Southeast Asia Video #2: Watch either video during this unit and then write a half page response of what you were most impressed by and the Top 5 things you would like to see or do in Southeast Asia.

Ch. 3 Classroom Powerpoint

Ch 3 Note Taking (i.e. Outline) Guide:  (This is a work in progress and I will update it daily)

Day 2 Key Issue 1
Drug Cartel Assignment & Social Media Article
Due to the fact that the "Moving into the US" part of the Interactive Map is not working, parts II and III of the Interactive Map portion will be extra credit.

Day 3 Key Issue 2
Article: China's Great Uprooting Write a 1/2 page summary of what the Chinese Government is doing and why they are doing it.
Article: Migrants vs Refugee News Clip Write a 1/2 page summary that explains the difference between a Migrant and a Refugee.  Provide examples of both.

Day 4 Key Issue 3
Video: Understanding the Syrian Refugee Crisis 

Push & Pull Assignment: As a Fiefdom create a Google Slide presentation that includes pictures (include a detailed explanation of the pictures (the 5 Ws) or videos (Videos will get you extra credit, embed the videos into your presentation or cut and paste the link.) of real world examples of each of the Push and Pull factors (Environmental, Political, & Economic).  Hint: that means you need 6 examples.
Family Migration Assignment (Extra Credit): Pick your mom or your dad and trace one of the branches back three generations (your dad, your grandfather, your great-grandfather), create a timeline that depicts each timed they moved throughout their life, where they moved, and why they moved (explain how it was either a push or a pull and what specific type: economic, political, or environmental).  Be prepared to turn this in the day of the test.
Article on Migration (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (Extra Credit): Read and answer the 5 questions at the bottom on a separate sheet of paper, turn in a hard copy of the paper on the day of the Test.

Day 5 Key Issue 4
Stories of Illegal Immigration: Find a story online of a person who has immigrated illegally to the United States or another country (Extra Credit you find someone who immigrated to a country other than the U.S.).  Read the story and explain the Who, When, Where, Why, & How.

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