Classroom Forms and Projects

Disclosure Document: Please review this document with your parents and then both you and your parent will need to sign the following document.

Parent Letter: Please print out this form, sign it, and turn it in on the day of our Chapter 1 Test.

Recipe for Success in this Class

Instructions For Online Textbook Access

Term Projects: Each term you are required to attend either a Cultural Project or a Book Report.  If you attend a Cultural Project you need to watch two films.  If you do a Book Report, you only need to watch one film.  By the end of the year, you will have viewed six foreign films, read two books, and attended two cultural events.

1. International Cinemas (A.K.A. Foreign Films or International Films): You will need to watch 2 per term.  (See the linked document for additional instructions.)

List of Recommended Movies & Books from 1st Term 2016
List of Student-Recommended Movies (Updated 2018)
Fall Calendar for BYU International Cinema

2. Culture Projects: You will need to attend two cultural events this year.  One per term for two of the terms.   (If you host a cultural event for another class member, you can receive extra credit. On your own paper you turn in for your term cultural project, include who you hosted and when.)

3. Book Reports: You will need to read two books this year.  One per term for two of the terms.
-You can earn extra credit for reading and doing your book report on "Nothing to Envy" or "I am Malala"

Test Corrections
Instructions for Multiple Choice Questions
Instructions for Free Response Questions

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