Chapter 7 Ethnicity

Ch 7 Unit Plan: Check this to see your daily reading assignments and to keep up what will be due at the end of the Unit.

Post Test Homework (i.e. homework that will be due on Day 1):
  • Read Key Issue 1 from Chapter 7.  
  • European Map:  Click on this following Sheppard Software link and complete the European Map activity.  You do not need to score 100%, just complete it, take a Screen shot when you are done, print it out, and be ready to show your screen shot to me on Day 2 of this Unit.
If you are interested in our next System read the following article or watch the "Crash Course" video below.
Ch. 7 Powerpoint (Maps for Making a Nation are slides 47-55)
Yugoslavia Case Study Powerpoint

Ch. 7 Outline Note Taking Guide
Compare and Contrast US and SA Segregation Laws
Making a Nation: Partition Countries along Ethnic lines: Click on the hyperlink to access the maps and instructions.
Yugoslavia Case Study Handout: (AKA State of Unity or Lack there of)

Videos & Music
Crash Course on Nationalism
"People Are People" by Depeche Mode
Video on the Wars in Yugoslavia
Why do Serbia and Albania Hate each other
Why do Croates and Serbians Hate each other

Extra Credit Opportunities
Powerpoint on State Disunity Case Study (Iraq)

Extra Credit Films
Mandella: Long Walk to Freedom
The Power of One
The Help
Hotel Rwanda
ESPN 30 for 30: Once Brothers

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